5 steps to find your unique selling point as a medical writer

Here’s all you need to know about ✨ identifying your USP✨

Your Unique Selling Point, or USP, is a statement that differentiates you from your competitors.

💡In other words, your USP is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

But how do you find it?

As scientists and medical professionals, identifying your USP in the field of medical writing can be tricky, partly because we’ve dabbled in so many different clinical areas that it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why we’re the amazing people we are.

So we’re here to shine a light on your divine talent.

Here’s how you can find your USP as a scientist or HCP in the medical writing field:

1️⃣Your knowledge

You’re far more intellectually equipped to tackle the most complex medical topics than a competitor who hasn’t had your level of training.

2️⃣Your empathy

The fundamental aspect of being a healthcare professional is to show empathy to others. If you can demonstrate empathy in person, you can do so too on paper.

3️⃣Your commitment

You understand what it takes to complete a long project. After all, you’ve spent a large chunk of your life dedicated to medicine. Demonstrate that commitment to writing, and you’re onto a winner.

4️⃣Your approach to strategy

The world of science and medicine is like one big puzzle. On the wards and in the labs you spend time trying to solve the most intricate of problems, and will not stop until you find your answer.

5️⃣Your understanding of both sides of the spectrum

You know how to talk to patients and other HCPs. Thus, you can comfortably tackle content in a way that connects with a specific audience, be it the public or your fellow clinicians.

🌐This is just a very small list of your potential USPs. We urge you to spend some time jotting down all that is amazing and wonderful about your expertise and highlighting the ones that resonate most with medical writing.

📊Market the hell out of your expertise, know your worth, and succeed as a medical writer.

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