Meet your medical writing teachers




Two UK-qualified pharmacists who, like you, are dedicated to helping people through the power of written word. After years of being front line essential workers, both Hass and Virginia have taken a step back from their respective clinical roles within the NHS and pursued their passion for medical writing. 

Together we have

Worked with over 30 healthcare brands
Years of experience as pharmacists
Worked and lived in over 6 countries


Meet: Hass

I had no intention of ever working as a medical writer. Not only did not know what medical writing is, but I had absolutely no idea how to get into it in the first place. It sort of just…happened?

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I found myself stuck on one of the world’s biggest honeymoon destinations – Bali.

Yes. Stuck.

As awful as that may sound, the truth in the matter is, I struggled. Not only because I couldn’t get back home to the UK, but because I had no idea what to do with myself. At home, I’m a specialist clinical pharmacist, a role that I absolutely adore, yet can’t pursue in Indonesia.

So what do I do?

I looked for various ways in which a UK-trained pharmacist can work remotely. Surprisingly, I found no luck, other than a few recommendations suggesting I volunteer as a medic at a hostel, until I came across an article about a pharmacist working as a medical writer in the Bahamas.

I was hooked. I wanted in. How did they do it?

Fast-forward to now, I have set up my own business, worked with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands, and co-founded Write Clinic. 

Want to know how to find a medical writing job and start earning that juicy medical writing salary?


Meet: Virginia

I’ll admit I didn’t even know medical writing existed until I found myself in it!

I was a pharmacist for 7 years and loved chatting with patients and helping them improve their health by breaking down complex medical terms and giving them easy “how to” guides. You could say I was a medical “speaker”!

During the 2020 pandemic, I moved abroad with my husband and I couldn’t work in a pharmacy without being able to speak German. 

My turning point was realising I needed a way to make an income online. But I didn’t have a portfolio! So I dived into making my first ever website, and I started writing a blog about what I love – travel health.

I won a competition to write scripts for YouTube against 900 other pharmacists and got some freelance work for an online doctor to review 80 of their pages. This portfolio, and a recruiter on LinkedIn, helped me land a job at a medical communications agency.

But oh dear did I make some mistakes along the way – including charging a tiny amount of compensation for my work. I might still be upset about that.

I love sharing my experiences as a medical writer to help you learn what I wish I knew when I got started.

I now work remotely as an in-house medical copywriter, but nothing is more rewarding and humbling than getting the opportunity to teach you.