Meet your medical writing teacher



UK-qualified pharmacist who, like you, are dedicated to helping people through the power of written word. After years of being front line essential workers, Virginia has taken a step back from their respective clinical roles within the NHS and pursued their passion for medical writing. 


Meet: Virginia

I’ll admit I didn’t even know medical writing existed until I found myself in it!

I was a pharmacist for 7 years and loved chatting with patients and helping them improve their health by breaking down complex medical terms and giving them easy “how to” guides. You could say I was a medical “speaker”!

During the 2020 pandemic, I moved abroad with my husband and I couldn’t work in a pharmacy without being able to speak German. 

My turning point was realising I needed a way to make an income online. But I didn’t have a portfolio! So I dived into making my first ever website, and I started writing a blog about what I love – travel health.

I won a competition to write scripts for YouTube against 900 other pharmacists and got some freelance work for an online doctor to review 80 of their pages. This portfolio, and a recruiter on LinkedIn, helped me land a job at a medical communications agency.

But oh dear did I make some mistakes along the way – including charging a tiny amount of compensation for my work.

I love sharing my experiences as a medical writer to help you learn what I wish I knew when I got started.

I now work remotely as an in-house medical copywriter, but nothing is more rewarding and humbling than getting the opportunity to teach you.