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Virginia and Hass with a view of the River Elbe in Germany behind them, both smiling at the camera and the words Thank you Hass above them.

Hass is going onwards and upwards!

Hass shares his next steps as a pharmacist and medical writer Hass is moving on from Write Clinic to pursue new paths in life, and I’m so excited for him!…
Man holding a clipboard with question marks above his hand, with a calculator, coins, a laptop, magnifying glass and documents and a filing cabinet nearby

How much does a medical writer make?

Virginia Chachati in a YouTube video talks about how much a medical writer makes as an employee or as a freelance medical writer Hello my name is Virginia and in…
Man shaking the hand of another man who has just got a job

7 places to find medical writing work online

It’s easy to find medical writing work online if you know where to look! In general, the more people you contact/network with, the better your chances of finding medical writing…
Virginia Chachati next to a sign that says medical writing and the UK flag

How to become a medical writer in the UK

Virginia talks about how to become a medical writer in the UK Hello I’m Virginia Chachati and I am a freelance medical copywriter, social media content creator and video content…