6 Top Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn to Succeed as a Medical Writer

📖 Network, network, network

Connect with others in the same creative space as you
Comment on posts to build relationships
Start conversations to look for people who may hire you

🌱 Be yourself online

Post your work online
Invest time in building your portfolio
Focus on who you are and share your personality
People are attracted to real people

🏈 Pitch the right way

Do your research on a brand
Find out who the decision maker is
Send a message to introduce yourself
After a conversation, write a pitch to write content for them

👯 Join ALL the groups

Join groups with people who are medical writers
Ask questions and learn from everyone
Research and contribute your ideas too
Connect with each other

🌟 Get that social proof

Collect recommendations on your LinkedIn profile
This provides “social proof” to show you are easy to work with and have the skills people desire to do great work!

💼 Tap that jobs tab

Click the little suitcase icon on LinkedIn
Use the filters to search for jobs
Find work in your local area or remote international positions

🤔 Feel like it’s time for a career change to medical writing?

🤩 Find out all our tips and tricks to break into medical writing with LinkedIn

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