Aspiring medical writer? Why there is NO such thing as competition

Here’s a friendly reminder to you all you aspiring medical writers that there is no such thing as competition in our industry.

Medical writing is a highly sought alternative career for doctors and other healthcare professionals because of the flexibility it gives you in terms of time and finance.

There are far too many niches within medical writing for you to pick from, and the likelihood of you and a fellow medical writer tackling the same niche AND in the same way is very, very rare.

Additionally, if you’re on LinkedIn and working to leverage this platform as your client-acquisition strategy, you’re not the only one.

👀 But also, not everyone is on LinkedIn.

Just because you’re connected with hundreds of amazing medical writers here, doesn’t mean there won’t be any jobs for you.

There are THOUSANDS of healthcare brands that would kill (probably not the best choice of word) to work with you.

We constantly see what other medical writers are doing because that’s whom we surround ourselves with.

However, these medical writers aren’t our competition. They’re our inspiration. They’re our colleagues.

So, the next time you see a post or a profile from a fellow medical writer and you think to yourself “oh no, I’m not doing as well and they’d be a much better candidate for the role I’m currently pursuing”, don’t. Your writing style, your niche, and your background are different from theirs and will be ideal for different projects.

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P.S. Have you decided on which alternative career you’re going to opt for as a healthcare professional? And if yes, why did you choose medical writing?

P.P.S. Here’s a mirror. That’s who your only competition is.


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