How to be recognised as a dentist medical writer

We had a dentist email us saying she is worried she will not be recognised as a medical writer because she is a dentist:

I recently came across your writing course and it seems like the perfect start for me to transition into this industry.
I am a dentist myself but do a lot of website copy and essay editing/proofreading for dentistry/medicine.

I don’t have any experience in writing proposals or knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Does your course cover this? I was also wondering if you know of any dentists in the medical writing field? I worry that I’m in a role that’s not recognised in the medical writing industry.

Here’s what we think at Write Clinic about dentists becoming medical writers

You’re already a writer if you’re creating website copy and doing proofreading!

You don’t necessarily need experience in writing proposals or knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry unless you want to go into the field of regulatory writing or working for big pharma.

Our course does not include writing proposals, as these are a specific style of writing.

You are 100% going to be recognised as a legitimate medical writer – there is so much content that is produced without a healthcare professional which is a huge risk to public health. As a dentist you can fill in the gap in the market – as your unique selling point is that you are a qualified healthcare professional! We are 100% rooting for you!

The course does go through medical copywriting, an introduction to regulatory writing and how to write a pitch to get clients – and so much more. You can read all about it here

If you’re still unsure if medical writing is for you, we’re happy to have a 15min chat or a  longer one on one consultation.

I hope you feel more confident 🙂

Best wishes,


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