Not getting any interviews for medical writing jobs?

So… you applied for 3 jobs in a month and didn’t get a single interview.
You start thinking:
❗ It’s too competitive
❗ You’re not good enough
❗ You’ll never get the experience you need

Here’s the TRUTH:

✅ Your only competition is YOU
✅ You ARE good enough
✅ You can get experience WITHOUT A JOB

🧠 Switch your mindset from doom and failure to work and success.

🏆 You have to be your number one fan and encourage yourself!

🎖 You have to BELIEVE you can make it, and then put in the WORK to make it happen.

🛠 Putting in the work means:

1. Speaking to other medical writers who have the job you want, and ask for their advice (Find 2500+ medical writers here)

2. Making writing a daily habit, even if it’s just for 10 minutes per day, and build your portfolio

3. Concentrating on making your portfolio look AMAZING – get feedback from people on how to improve – get HUNGRY to get BETTER

4. Strip out everything from your CV that doesn’t need to be there, and have a recruiter give you feedback on what’s missing for the job you want

5. TAILOR your application for each job – be thoughtful by looking up the company values

🙌 You don’t need to know everything or have all the skills advertised in a job post. Be willing to learn, communicate clearly and have a can-do attitude.

🏄‍♀️ Have the AUDACITY to APPLY! Ride the wave of experience!!!

🌟 Failure + Feedback = Future success 🌟

😊 Speak to Hassan Thwaini or Virginia Chachati for advice or literally download our free 61 tips guide from

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