Course: Fundamentals Of Medical Writing

1st February 2023
8 weeks


A comprehensive course designed to help aspiring medical writers get insight into the medical writing world. From basic blogs to intricate pharmaceutical information, this course will provide you with the information and expertise sufficient to get yourself noticed.

You’ll Learn


The Concept of Copywriting

We’ll go through in detail every aspect of medical copywriting, from social media posts to printed material


Productivity Management

We’ll teach you the best ways in which you can organise your work, adopt a more balanced routine, and avoid burnout


Marketing Law

Understand the rules you must follow to produce compliant pharmaceutical marketing documents


Establish Presence

Learn how to market yourself and display your work in a way that is attractive to potential clients


Seal the Deal

We’ll teach you the many ways in which you can land a client, from pitching an article to closing a proposed contract



We’ll go through the strategies you should put in place to safeguard your money and stay on top of your finances

Course Structure

We’ll teach you how to structure and write a piece of copy – anything and everything that you will be expected to produce, with a sprinkle of SEO.

We’ll go through the process of drug development, how medical writers are expected to write a regulatory piece of work, how to reference your work appropriately, and how to familiarise yourself with the rules of various regulatory boards.

We’ll build on getting your routine in check, help you set up your website, organise your portfolio, and set up your essential social media platforms.

We’ll talk you through how to build your portfolio from scratch, including how to set up a portfolio on your website, how to build a portfolio using an external platform if you do not have a website, and how to start accumulating content to add to your portfolio.

We’ll go through in detail the different ways in which a freelance medical writer can find a client, and how to pick the best out of a good bunch.

Not everyone wants to go freelance. As such, we’re going to describe to you in detail all aspects of full-time and part-time medical writing roles, where to find them, and how to get them.

Medical writing interviews are complex. They’re often a combination of the informal creativity associated with marketing roles, and the intricacies of medical excellence and attention to detail attributed to roles within the medical sector. Sounds hard, right? You won’t think so anymore after this module.

Writing tests are a relatively new concept for anyone who’s applying for a job. They each have their own set of marking criteria which must be met so that a candidate can be put forward for the role – a set of marking criteria that we are going to teach you and help you work towards.

Lastly, and most importantly, finance. Freelance medical writing may be tough at first, especially if you’re unable to secure enough clients to earn income sufficient to over your personal expenses. We’ll talk you through all things money when it comes to freelance medical writing, from knowing how to set your prices to sorting out your taxes. We’ve got you.

Choose from 3 course options

  1. Sign up for our Premium course, with a live face to face session every week.
  2. Sign up for our Standard course, with no live face to face sessions.
  3. Wait for individual course modules to be released as stand-alone courses.

Whichever option you choose, you will have lifetime access to the course including all future updates and feedback on your work.

Premium course package

  • $3560 worth of coaching and education
  • Lifetime access to all the modules in the course
  • Free access to 5 extra courses for quick refreshers about medical writing
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive private Facebook community for Write Clinic members only, in which you can talk to peers and aspiring medical writers and ask for help or advice, post jobs, or generally help each other out
  • Access to extra medical writing resources posted in the exclusive private Facebook community
  • 8 weekly live face-to-face group sessions with Hass and Virginia during which we will discuss the learning objectives for that week, explain to you how you can apply what you’ve learnt, and give you the opportunity to ask us any questions
  • Fast-track access to the top of the waiting list for our future course on how to create digital products for an extra stream of income using your medical knowledge

Standard course package

  • We understand that you may not have the time to attend live sessions, so our Standard course includes all of the above in the Premium course and access to the exclusive community, but with no live sessions.

Individual course modules

  • If you only want a small part of the course, we will be splitting it up so that you can buy each individual module separately.
  • There are no live sessions with individual courses, and you will not be able to join the exclusive community.
  • Please send us a message on the contact form to let us know you are interested in this option, and we will email you when these become available during 2023, including their individual prices.

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