Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in medical writing

👋🏾 Do you ever SWOT yourself?

☀ And we don’t mean squashing an annoying fly on a hot summer’s day!

SWOT stands for:

🔸 Strength




Here’s what a SWOT analysis for a #MedicalWriter might look like right now:

🔸Strength – Can write for a variety of audiences, completely flexible with tone of voice, and provide medically accurate information. Work from home or travel, freelance, or become an entrepreneur with your own agency!

🔸Weakness – Can take a lot of time to research and make multiple versions of a piece of writing before it is approved and published. Takes time to find a client that aligns with your values and will sign an employment contract or long term retainer.

🔸Opportunities – Writing for different mediums, such as scripts for videos or podcasts, and writing engaging health content for social media. This adds to traditional roles in regulatory writing and medical communications (medcomms).

🔸Threats – Competition from people offering cheaper services internationally. Also artificial intelligence (AI) could catch up in a few years. Clients suddenly cancelling a contract!

✍🏾 Grab a piece of paper and give yourself 5 minutes to do a little life (or business!) maintenance with a SWOT analysis.

🌄 This will help you get a clear picture of where you are now, and decide which direction you want to go in!

🤔 Can you think of any other SWOT points in #MedicalWriting?

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