To call or not to call? A common question medical writers ask about new clients!

Have you ever found yourself caught in a never-ending email chain, trying to sort out project details?

Well, we can tell you from experience that is darn well frustrating, especially when targets still aren’t fully understood.

So it’s time to break free from the email trap and embrace the power of a discovery call!🤩

A discovery call is a game-changer for medical writers looking to onboard new clients. This call allows us to have a focused discussion with our clients, ensuring we are aligned on project goals and expectations right from the start.

Here’s why it matters:

📋 Clear Communication: Emails can be misinterpreted, leading to delays and misunderstandings. With a discovery call, you can have real-time conversations, clarify any doubts, and ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s the key to avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges.

💰 Transparent Pricing: Are you tired of clients questioning your rates? During a discovery call, you can confidently explain the value you bring to the table, without the fear of cost disputes. Set your rates, discuss the project budget, and establish a mutually beneficial agreement.

🎯 Targeted Deliverables: Imagine crafting a well-written piece that misses the mark. It’s disappointing, right? With a discovery call, you can dive deep into the project’s scope, discuss specific topics, and gain a clear understanding of your client’s expectations. It’s like having a compass that guides you to the desired destination.

✨ Streamlined Workflow: By investing 30-60 minutes in a discovery call, you set the foundation for a smooth and effective workflow. Starting off with a shared understanding and clear direction saves time, reduces revisions, and builds stronger client relationships.

So, next time you decide to work with a new client, why not invite them for a cheeky call? It might just make your professional relationship that much more profitable for the both of you!

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