What exactly is medical writing?

🤔 What exactly is medical writing?

🏖 We like to think of #MedicalWriting as a (beach) umbrella term for any piece of writing that communicates some kind of health information.

🎯 This health information could be aimed at different audiences, such as:

🔹 Healthcare professionals, like doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses
🔹 Patients or the general public
🔹 Educators and researchers
🔹 Businesses that may want to invest

✍ You may produce different types of writing, such as:

🔹 Long form content, like video scripts, journal articles, magazine publications, blogs or educational courses
🔹 Short form content, like social media captions on Instagram or LinkedIn posts

🔮 Medical writing includes:

🔹 Medical communications – known as #MedComms
🔹 Marketing or sales – known as #MedicalCopywriting
🔹 Clinical trials, research and medicines approval – known as #RegulatoryWriting
🔹 Journalism or educational writing

🤝 Above all else, #MedicalWriters are trusted to create accurate, well-researched content and regularly updated when needed.

💡 Sound like something you’d want to get into?
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