10 reasons why I like medical writing

An exciting read, Asma highlights all the benefits of medical writing that she has encountered so far as a guilt-free alternative career to being a traditional healthcare professional.

Virginia Chachati – Editor at Write Clinic

Years back when I decided to be a healthcare professional, I was all prepared to devote my talent and efforts to the prestigious medical profession.

While carrying out demanding tasks and physically engaging with my angelic pediatric patients days and nights in the hospitals, I had no idea I would be able to serve the community in an entirely different way.

This perspective of a healthcare professional is given to me by Medical Writing.

Why break into a Medical Writing career?

Whether you are a practicing medical practitioner or someone on a career break due to any reason, medical writing gives you a platform to serve communities across the world while staying in the comfort of your house. 

I will discuss 10 salient features that aspire me to be a medical writer. 

1. Medical writing is a diversified platform 

From crafting medical communication articles and writing research manuscripts to regulatory writing for the pharmaceutical industry and writing E-books, medical writing provides you with a broad canvas to showcase your abilities 

  • You can confine yourself to a specific subcategory in the niche or you may explore many at different time windows. 
  • Diversity is also offered in terms of platforms to be selected. You have multiple options to join in – like freelance platforms, medical newspapers, editorials, the pharmaceutical industry, and creating web content for medical websites.

2. Writers ought to be good readers

Ever since I am into medical writing I have developed a good habit of reading more as well. 

Not only do I choose field-specific reading material but also a variety of others. 

In order to enhance your vocabulary and the flow of content, I urge you to read more. It gives you strong background knowledge and you never feel out of words while creating any content.

3. Updated medical field knowledge 

To keep myself aligned with evolving medical field, I always try to go through recent advances in medicine and new ongoing researches. 

I provide citations to my written material with authentic research and web links. It increases the credibility of my content and adds to my knowledge as well. 

4. Social network building 

Medical writing keeps me socially connected with people across the world through social platforms. I get to know a lot about writers’ and readers’ perspectives through this connection. It also helps me upgrade my writing skills further. 

Until now I am so lucky to find amazing writing mentors and nice colleagues, all because of our common interest in medical writing. 

5. Digital media acquaintance

In this digital era, one should be very well aware of digital media, to market their services. Various digital tools are introduced into the market now and then, to take your writing game levels up.

I explored many tools and different digital platforms just because of medical writing. Still, I am ambitious to learn as many authentic tools as I can and incorporate these into my content if required. 

6. Financial assistance 

Whether to keep it as a side hustle or a full-time career, medical writing can be a source of earning for you. No-one can rectify the fact that money matters to us in our day-to-day life. Financial freedom gives a sense of security. You can sign up to various paid opportunities for this. 

7. Time management 

Healthcare professionals are good at managing their time somehow but medical writing has enhanced this attribute of mine. Meeting deadlines is a distinguishing quality of top rated medical writers. 

I always schedule my outline beforehand then dedicate allocated time for research and literature review about the article to be written followed by writing content, proofreading and editing. This habit aspires me to perform my daily tasks in an organized manner. 

8. Biomedical technology awareness 

Writing product descriptions of biomedical devices and equipment helped me gain more information about them. Healthcare professionals have to deal with these instruments while performing onsite duties in hospital. While creating such content I get more precise information about their do’s and don’ts. 

9. Research methodology and publications 

Research is a cornerstone in medical field. Writing articles specifically for medical journals and publications not only makes you a proficient medical writer but also if you go back to your clinical practice ever again, it would help you a lot in your practical career and in medical education as well. 

10. Sense of accomplishment 

If you are like me, someone on a career break, due to your personal liabilities, medical writing will be your savior. Making a difference in peoples’ lives by using your scientific background knowledge will give you a sense of accomplishment and will not let you suffer from the guilt of a career break. 

These were my personal reasons that made me realize medical writing is the genre I will pursue further.  Surely, there would be a lot more for others emerging as seasoned writers in the domain. 

To sum up, the medical field is much beyond clinical practice and medical writing is much beyond just writing. Combining science and art simultaneously you can create a masterpiece.

Medical writing will certainly open new horizons for healthcare professionals to rise high innovatively. 

About the author

Thank you so much Dr. Asma Tirmizi for sharing your story! Minor edits made by Virginia Chachati, Editor at Write Clinic.

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