Top 10 techniques to land your dream medical writing role

Myself (Hass) and Virginia Chachati MPharm wanted to share with you 10 techniques you can use to help you find your dream medical writing role.


Talk to fellow medical writers, comment on posts, start conversations, and share your opinion. Your network can slowly but surely become your go-to place to land a role, both #freelance or #fulltimejobs.

🖼Online presence.

Learn how to establish your online presence. Sort your website out and showcase to prospects what you can offer.

👀Know where to look.

You can land a medical writing job in the same way that you would land any other role – using job boards and google searches. Do the research, see what’s needed of you, and make it your goal to become the ideal candidate for your dream role.

❄️Cold emailing is pretty difficult to do.

You’re essentially trying to connect with a prospect having never connected before, but if you catch their attention, you could be offered the role for which you were intending on getting.

📚Invest in yourself.

Spend time, money, and effort to better your writing skills. Whether that may be a #medicalwritingcourse such as ours, attending seminars, or setting up your own blog.

✍🏽Pitch to your dream client.

Want to write for the American Heart Association? Cool, pitch an article to them. Make sure it’s worth their while. Research what has been done and what needs to be tackled.

🗞Use all social media platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all great places to find leads.

🗣Ask for a testimonial from previous clients.

They go a long way in giving your work the credibility it deserves.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Join groups.

There are many social media groups out there full of medical writers that just want to help you. Join our medical writing group for free!

💼Sort your portfolio out.

Spend a whole day picking your best pieces to display, and arrange them in a manner that makes them convenient to find.

I used all of the above to get me through the initial stages and to eventually land my #medicalwriting role with Onyx Health. In fact, I got offered the role after completing a freelance task for them – it just goes to show that being persistent and consistent can be highly rewarding.

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