3 simple ways to make your content 99% better as a medical writer

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that you need to nail to grab your audience’s attention as a medical writer. Here are 3 simple ways to make your content 99% better.

🎯 1 – Get straight to the point

Serve exactly what you promise immediately, or people will click away.

Example: “How to bake chocolate cookies” could start with:

A: “This recipe is so delicious you have to bake these right now…”


B: “You will need these ingredients to get started…”

You’re more likely to go for B – you want to start baking straight away!

📽 🎙 🖼 2 – Use words for videos, audio and images

Subtitles on videos, words on a waveform for audio or a transcript, and alt text for images ALL make your content more accessible.

Most people watch videos “on silent”, they may not hear very well, mishear what you say, or it’s noisy outside: you need subtitles.

Give people the option to “search” your audio content with a transcript, or subtitles on waveform.

Alt text on images describes pictures for people who use screen readers, and may not be able to see well. People can “search” for your images to find your content.

📖 🐣 3 – Lower the reading age

Could you make your content as easy to understand as possible? People spend a lot of time reading all day; they want to consume information with the least effort possible.

Use hemingwayapp.com as a guide for reading age.

This makes your content accessible to a bigger audience; they will appreciate you explaining complex topics in simple terms – they will therefore:

– Comment to say “thank you”

– Save it in their favourites folder

– Share it with a friend

– Follow you or subscribe for more content!

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