How to organise your work as a medical writer

Notes App vs Task Manager vs Your Brain: Who wins?

Being a medical writer, and a freelance medical writer at that, you need to be accountable for your work.

That means:

  1. Understand which job has to be carried out on which day
  2. Giving yourself enough time ahead of a deadline to make any amends
  3. Allocating yourself time to client outreach
  4. Providing some much needed TLC to your website and social platforms
  5. Allowing yourself the time to exist without being stressed

Doing all of the above is hard using JUST your brain. After all, who has the time to figure all that stuff out in their head?

Some people, like Hass, prefer to use the iPhone notes app to organise their work. Why? Because it’s convenient and translates among the various apple devices he uses, making it easier to write something down on his phone and coming back to it on his laptop.

For others. however, an online task manager has been nothing short of revolutionary.

If you aren’t familiar with an online task manager (not the CTRL+Alt+Dlt), then listen up!

Our two favourites here at Write Clinic HQ are:

  1. Asana – a free organiser that lets you set up multiple projects and workflows that can be completed easily, making it easier for you to plan your day.
  2. Notion — Basically your personal assistant. Pencil in meetings, set up dates, mark up your day, set up a workout plan, remind yourself to water the garden — whatever you want to do, Notion will facilitate the process for you!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t?

Well, why not reap the benefits for yourself!

Go on.

It’s FREE.

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