5 stages of becoming a medical writer

The 5 stages you go through as a #MedicalWriter – what stage are you at?

1. Curiosity and wanting a career change

You are totally new to #MedicalWriting – you’ve probably just heard of the career and you’re unsure how to get started. You love the idea of writing for a living, and you feel like you need loads of experience to get noticed.

Working from home or in the office a few days a week means you spend more time with your children, or you get to save time travelling to work.

You might even dive into becoming a digital nomad, and become a freelancer that works from anywhere (coffee shop or even a tropical island!)

2. Making connections and research

You finally figure out that networking in a medical writing LinkedIn group helps you meet other writers and you start to hear how they became successful in their career.

Building connections helps you feel supported and confident, and you’re committed to giving this new career a try – as you know exactly where to go to find out answers to common medical writing questions.

3. Laying your foundations

You’re actually writing your own content – it’s so easy you wish you started sooner – and you’re building an incredible portfolio online, filled with articles about the topic you are an expert in.

You start to share your work online by posting on LinkedIn, on UpWork, and your own website (just in case LinkedIn disappears – you have all your stuff on your website with all your hard work).

4. Making money online

You’re applying for freelance jobs and getting PAID to write online – you never thought this would happen, but it feels like an absolute MIRACLE! Simply typing on your keyboard and getting paid for your work makes you feel validated.

You thank yourself for putting in the effort to network and build a portfolio, as this has attracted recruiters and clients.

5. Building your reputation

You’re posting on LinkedIn with testimonials from your freelance clients, writing pitches to reach out to new clients and getting paid more for each job you do – as you build your reputation there is no stopping you now!

You’ve finally made it as a credible medical writer through hard work, connecting with people, and building friendships and business relationships.

Now it has been a year or two since you got started as a medical writer, and you can confidently go full time.

Want to get results faster than one or two years? Message Hassan Thwaini or Virginia Chachati MPharm for guidance on how to reach your #MedicalWriter goals.

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