6 places to find images for your medical writing article

🎨 Struggling to find a picture to go with your new shiny piece of writing?
📸 Here are 6 of our favourite places to find free photos for #MedicalWriting:

1. burst.shopify.com
2. stocksnap.io
3. lifeofpix.com
4. unsplash.com
5. pexels.com
6. pixabay.com

Starting off with “free” images means your options may be limited. To stand out, you may want to consider a subscription to get unlimited access to a bigger library of photos to support all the wonderful artists and photographers that upload their awesome professional images.

We’ve definitely invested in images that helped support our articles!

Picking the right picture can mean the difference between someone clicking on your article and reading it, or scrolling by. So do pick your images carefully – sometimes it can take longer than you think! (I’ve definitely spent an hour or two trying to find the “right” photo, and bought it for £10.)

Consider images as part of your writing budget, or a business expense if you are a freelancer. Always discuss with the client if their expectation is for you to pick an image for your writing. I’ve been given access to iStock, Adobe and Envato for some clients.

You can also try “AI” generated images, which is a feature on Canva.

Writers and artists go together like bread and butter, our work complements each other!

Where do you go to find your images for your medical writing?

#MedicalWriters #PicturesCompleteYourWork

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