7 reasons why you will become a brilliant medical writer

I’ve been in the same boat as you — a healthcare professional looking to venture out of the career norm with little insight on what to go into next. 

Well, I’m here to make that decision a little bit easier for you by introducing medical writing. Here are 7 reasons why you’d be a great fit for medical writing:

⏱You know what good research is. You’ll be able to pinpoint the right resources quicker than a non-medic.

🩺You know how to use words that patients like to hear. Write them down instead.

💊You know which pieces of the puzzle fit together, meaning that you’d easily be able to structure a piece of writing based off of limited information.

📚You spent years committed to excelling in your studies, so you’ll better understand the commitment it takes to be a *good* medical writer.

🌟You’re always looking for the next best thing in medicine. Applying that drive to your writing will be no different.

🗣You’re a medic. You know what you like presented to you when presented a promotional piece.

And, most importantly:

☕️You need a well-deserved break. Master a new skill to wave goodbye to your 80+ hour weeks and welcome a *normal* schedule.

Put in the graft today so that the post-summer-bod-you can reap the benefits, and potentially in a place with better weather than where you currently reside.

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