Turn Your Passion for Medicine and Writing into a Dream Career: My Journey as a Medical Journalist

When you combine the thrill of jet-setting across the globe with the allure of uncovering the latest advancements in medicine, you get the life of a medical journalist. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to get paid to travel and write about groundbreaking medical findings, I’m here to tell you – it is, and I am living proof.

A couple of weeks back, I found myself on a plane heading to the European Association of the Study of Diabetes conference. From the airline tickets to the cosy hotel stays – it was all taken care of. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of a spectacular experience.

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Understanding the Role of a Medical Journalist

The role is multifaceted. During the conference, I was tasked with perusing the vast array of talks and studies slated for presentation. From there, I had to handpick 6 to 10 that I believed would captivate a GP audience. Attending these talks and then interviewing the presenters afterwards was an intricate dance of its own.

Yes, it was nerve-wracking but undeniably exhilarating. The silver lining? I brushed shoulders with some of the most revered figures in the medical arena, engaged with fellow journalists, and glimpsed the endless possibilities this career path holds.

Getting Into Medical Journalism

Wondering how I got into this field? Believe it or not, my journey started with one simple step: asking.

One day, I mustered the courage to reach out to professionals in the industry via LinkedIn, leading me to pen a trial article for a particular publication. Once that was under my belt, I put forth the query we all too often hesitate to ask, “Is there more work available?” This proactive approach paved the way for a referral to a client I’ve now been associated with for a substantial period.

Fast forward six months filled with relentless dedication, churning out interview-centric articles, and I had etched a reputation strong enough to land the conference assignment.

And as for what followed next? Well, as they say, the rest is history!

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