9 types of insurance to consider as a freelance medical writer

Insurance can help protect you and your business as a freelance medical writer.

Protect your business with insurance

Virginia discusses the types of insurance that medical writers might need. She covers professional liability insurance, public liability insurance, cyber insurance, income insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, home and content insurance, insurance for electronic devices, and life insurance.


Professional liability insurance protects medical writers in case of lawsuits or negligence claims.

Public liability insurance covers accidents or injuries that occur while working with clients.

Cyber insurance protects against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Income insurance provides financial support if a medical writer is unable to work.

Travel insurance is important for medical writers who travel frequently.

Health insurance is necessary for medical writers to cover medical expenses.

Home and content insurance protects personal belongings in case of damage or theft.

Insurance for electronic devices is important for medical writers who use laptops and phones.

Life insurance can provide financial security for loved ones in case of death.

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