Hass is going onwards and upwards!

Hass shares his next steps as a pharmacist and medical writer

Hass is moving on from Write Clinic to pursue new paths in life, and I’m so excited for him!

Hass and I have been building Write Clinic since 2022. He was positive and encouraging at every step. Full of ideas and enthusiasm, Hass was a joy to work with.

We brought to life a whole selection of blogs, courses, 1 to 1 coaching, a free Ebook, and even a podcast.

And now the Write Clinic page on LinkedIn has over 3400 followers and the Medical Writing for Beginners and Beyond group has over 6700 members – plus 2000 of you signed up to the newsletter.

In a candid chat, Hass said he wants to try new things, like getting his independent prescriber license as a pharmacist in the UK, moving to Australia, and writing about something other than health topics.

Hass has been a medical copywriter since 2020, after becoming stranded in Bali due to COVID. He travelled all over the world – living and breathing the “work from anywhere” laptop lifestyle.

Hass and I remain good friends and of course you should definitely reach out to Hassan Thwaini to keep in touch and follow him on LinkedIn to see what he’s up to (like consulting for health tech companies!)

Please join me in saying a huge thank you to Hass!

Wishing Hass the very best,
Virginia Chachati MPharm

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